Score Card

I have another blog under my real name.  I discuss politics, sexuality, feminism, gender issues, religion,a nd other things there.  I created this blog so that I could talk about my personal life and my personal musings and growth experiences.

For various reasons, I decided that I wanted to do this on a separate blog that isn't associated with my real name.  It gives me the freedom to speak openly and honestly without my friends (who read my other blog) knowing all the details and knowing its me.

To help "maintain" (in scare quotes because I expect if some of my friends find this blog, they'll figure out it's me), I've decided not to use real names for any person or place I mention.

So everybody gets a code name.  And this page is your secret decoder/personal score card to keep track of who's who.

Colorful One (also Colorful) -- That would be me.

Hellcat -- My nine month old kitty, whom I adore with all my heart.  Don't let the code name fool you.  She's a real sweetheart...when she wants to be.

Rumor Queen (formerly Snuggly Bear) -- The guy that I dated in March/April 2012.  We were together for about a month.  I changed his code name from Snuggly Bear to Rumor Queen in late May 2012 due to the fact that his personality made it nearly impossible for me to continue referring to him by such a sweet code name.  He's also a perfect example of "let's stay friends" is often a horrible idea.

Home Bar -- A bar I like to frequent.  I originally started going their with Rumor Queen while we were dating.  I've since started going their on my own.  Rumor Queen goes there too, but we mostly manage to stay away from each other.

Sweet Waiter -- A waiter for the upstairs restaurant of Home Bar.

Sassy Waiter -- Another waiter and bartender at Home Bar.  He started waiting on me on Saturday nights.  He's a dear heart with a tongue nearly sharp as my own.

Management -- The manager and co-owner of the upstairs restaurant of Home Bar.  He reminds me of Tim Curry for some reason.

Southern Helle -- Quite possibly my best friend in the whole world.  I don't get to see her very often, due to the distance between us, but I talk constantly.  Imagine her as a cross between Scarlette O'Hara and Molly Weasley.  She's sweet, charming, and a dear friend, but never make her angry.  Believe me, you'll find yourself wishing you pissed off Bruce Banner instead.

Fellow Geek -- A guy who hangs out at and works at Home Bar.  I originally met him at a coffee shop almost a year prior to reconnecting with him at Home Bar in May 2012.

Hot Pants -- A former friend I was emotionally entangled with and obsessed over during 2010 and 2011.  By the way, his code name was chosen not to be sexy, but due to the fact that his pants should be a constant inferno due to his compulsive lying.

Doughnut Lady -- A friend of mine who used to manage a doughnut store.  I met her when I was involved with Hot Pants.  She's no longer working the doughnut store, but it seemed like a fun code name to me.

Pianoman -- One of the guys that I have fooled around with on various occasions.  In fact he was my first "no strings attached" guy (well, that remained as such).  I gave him his code name because he enjoys playing the piano.

Sodomy Badge -- A guy that I had sex with and was emotionally entangled with during 2009 and 2010.  I fooled around with him again in 2011.  I got tired of his closeted antics at the beginning of 2012 and told him to take a hike.  I was inspired to give him his code name because he is an Eagle Scout and assistant scoutmaster.  Oh if his troop only knew what "merit badges" he earned with me!

Manly Bar -- Another bar that I go to.  I checked it out on the encouragement of Management and direct orders from Sassy Waiter (maybe I should call him Bossy Waiter).  It tends to cater to bears and mean into the leather scene.

Nicely Neurotic -- A friend I know from a more professional setting.  He likes to frequent Manly Bar.  He's a great guy, though normally suffers from social anxiety.  He's a completely different person once he's had a couple beers, it seems.

Sweet Cynic -- Rumor Queen's former roommate.  He and I decided to remain friends.  We tend to text every day and try to hang out a couple times a week.

Fuzzy Pro (also Fuzzy) -- A new guy in his early thirties.  Contacted Colorful after checking him out at Manly Bar one night.  Fuzzy is part of the local Leather club and is friends with Management.

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