Meet Colorful

So you want to know a little bit more about me, The Colorful One?  Cool.  I'll do my best, but it's a bit challenging.

My name is Colorful One (or Colorful for short).  Obviously, that's not my real name, but it's what I will go by here.  You see, I also blog under my real name.  And while I'm not an A- B- ro C-List blogger, I'd like to think that my name is pretty recognizable.  And in March 2012, that became a problem for me for the very first time.

That's me!  Metaphorically speaking, of course...
You see, at that point, I decided I wanted to blog about my personal life.  I wanted to be able to share stories of difficulties with friends, relationship disasters, and the funny stuff that goes on in my life.  In short, I wanted to write the kind of blog that required a bit of anonymity in order to, as the Narrator put it at the beginning of Dragnet, "Protect the innocent and the guilty."

So this blog and my pseudonym were born.  I chose to go by "Colorful One" because it's a reference to the rainbow and gay pride, and that fits me to a tee.  Plus, I can be quite colorful in terms of what I talk about the the word choices I make.  Hopefully, that will become obvious as you read my blog.

When I'm not here being colorful (and occasionally outrageous), I work a day job in a technology industry.  I also live with my sweet (when she wants to be) cat and love to read, write, go for walks, and hang out with friends.  And I blog under my real name about sexuality, spirituality, politics, and other things.  That blog can be  ;)  Anonymity, remember?

As a personal favor, if you figure out who I really am (or you're one of the privileged few to whom I revealed that information), please keep it to yourself.

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