Sunday, July 29, 2012

His reaction amused me

I briefly mentioned (see the sixth paragraph of this post) that a guy chatted me up and even asked for my phone number on Pride Weekend.  At the time, I half figured that he was mainly looking for a free drink that night, and the fact that he never contacted me pretty much confirmed my suspicions for me.  Last night, we crossed paths briefly while I was at Home Bar.  I found the entire thing rather amusing, personally.

If a player like this doesn't call me,
I'm most likely to count myself lucky.
I was wandering through the bar, enjoying myself and smiling at people like I normally do.  As I turned slightly to head for the restrooms, I spotted him directly in my path.  It took me a second to recognize him.  I think the only reason I fully recognized him was the expression on his face.  It was a mixture of displeasure and concern.  I don't know if he thought I was going to come up to him and start talking to him, make a scene over the fact that he never called, or otherwise interfere with his attempts to get lucky and/or scam something else out of someone else.  (I heard that he ended up leaving with some other guy shortly after that.)  At any rate, I found his reaction funny.  At the time, I only had one objective in mind:  Making my way to the bathroom that was directly behind him from my current position.  So I kept smiling and weaved on by.  When I came back out, he was gone.

Guys like that amused me.  I mean, we chatted two weeks ago, he came on strong, asked for my number, and then never followed through after that.  At that point, I shrugged my shoulders, said "Damn," and got on with my life.  To be honest, I thought that his reaction simply pointed out how highly he thought of himself, to think I'd continue to chase after him or mess up my night over him.  The guy was that cute, but not that cute.  (These days, no one is that cute.)

Plus, you know, I have better things to do than chase after players.  Like go for walks, chat with friends, flirt with other guys, and watch paint dry.  ;)

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