Thursday, February 21, 2013

A pleasant evening with a nice guy

Note:  This post, while not explicit, will discuss my recent sex life.  There's a reason I included the parenthetical portion of my blog title, folks!

Yesterday, I was really craving physical affection and intimacy.  So I put out an ad asking any interested guys to invite me over "for a movie and a cuddle."  It wasn't that sex was off the table.  I just wanted to make it clear it wasn't my primary goal and that I really was looking for physical contact more than anything.

A guy replied, indicating he was in town for the night and invited me to come have a drink with him at the bar in his hotel and see where things went.  I agreed and threw on some shoes and headed out the door.  I figured it was worth a shot.  Besides, he had made it clear that he was buying the drinks.

This is an awesome experience.
That's actually a pretty big thing for me.  In the past, I've usually ended up paying for drinks and dinners when I go out with a guy.  (This is mainly because Colorful has had horrible taste in men in the past.)  So it was pleasant to have the other guy treat me for a change.  Since he was paying, he did insist I try Grey Goose vodka in my cocktail.  I agreed, as I'm really not picky about my vodka's when it comes to cocktails (now rum is a different matter!).  It turned out to be quite pleasant.

We sat in the lounge area enjoying our drinks and chatting.  The guy was about five to seven years ago and pretty interesting.  I was also amazed at how he seems to have a pretty sophisticated job that has him doing a lot of things that I tend to associate with sophisticated businessmen (and he was one), and yet he was incredibly down to earth and had a wicked sense of humor.  His take on wine tastings ("The whole reason people normally go to a wine tasting is to get plastered") go me laughing.

After a while, we decided to take our drinks back up to his room.  There, he gave me another surprise.  He asked me if I wanted to take a shower and indicated he needed to take one himself and that I could join him.  Now, I happen to like showering with someone else.  I think it's highly intimate.  As such, I agreed.  So he got the water ready and adjusted the temperature, then we both stripped down and climbed in together.  He ended up washing each other.  Like I said, intimate.  It was possibly the longest shower I've ever taken.

Afterward, we toweled off and got into bed where we spent a great deal of time exploring each other's bodies.  We only focused on body contact and oral (me giving, of course).  I found him to be an incredibly attentive partner.  I've been with a lot of guys who, once they find out I'm pretty much an exclusive bottom, will let me do all the work and barely touch me.  not this guy.  He made sure that I enjoyed myself.  In fact, he had me moaning and had me wishing we were prepared to do more by the time we were done.

Afterward, I finished my drink and we talked a bit.  He asked if I'd mind if he contacted me the next time he was in town.  I told him I'd like that very much, so long as I'm available.  (Hey, he wasn't good enough that I'm not going to look for something more regular/permanent!)

We eventually said our goodbyes.  I went home quite satisfied.  It had been a long time since I had done anything so pleasant and pleasurable.

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